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    Cubic IDE is really wonderful piece of software, I didn't realize it until I started use it four years ago when I bought Hollywood for the first time. I had bought Cubic ten years ago when it was on discount, but for some reason never got around to install it earlier.

    It just works rock solid, has many great features, and it supports many Amiga related languages, so it would be kind of shame if you don't test it and appreciate how good it was already a decade or more ago :) I regret that I didn't install it back then 10 years ago, because it would have been nice to write even AmigaDOS and ARexx scripts with it.

    FlowStudio has some more modern features and GUI, but I still miss from Cubic at least auto-casing and quickhelp that is visible all the time, and Hollywood support could still be better in FlowStudio (compile options etc).

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