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    amigadave wrote:
    One question about compressing the data and scripting files, using the "-compress" argument, or menu option from Cubic. Does compressing the files affect execution speed of the Hollywood program, or when executed, do all files get uncompressed when the executable is started, so that the only delay is a tiny bit for the decompression of those files, and then the program runs at the exact speed it would if it had not been compressed? I'm guessing that is how it works, but have not looked it up.

    The compressed executable is uncompressed to ram before it's executed, so it consumes a bit more memory, but otherwise it runs at the same speed etc. It doesn't matter that much in practise on our speedy systems with lots of memory, but I've started to compile binaries without compression nowadays... to save the couple megs of ram anyway and compressing doesn't actually hide the data that well if you know how/where to look.


    Also, is the Cubic IDE add-on for Hollywood currently up to date and running perfectly on the latest version of Hollywood? I had read some time in the (probably distant) past that there was some part of the Cubic add-on that was broken, but don't remember the details.

    I think it's up-to-date currently, at least I haven't noticed anything missing in my use.


    I plan on using Cubic, which I purchased years ago, to program with Hollywood on my MorphOS systems, but I'm starting out on Windows, since I don't have room to set up my MorphOS G5 at the moment, and the battery has gone bad in my G4 PowerBook (though I could use it connected to the charger all the time).

    One thing that has changed since I wrote the article is that Flow Studio also supports Hollywood nowadays, so you can use the native bundled software in MorphOS better now. I made a quick change to the article regarding this now. I really should try to use Flow Studio properly myself too, but I've been so busy writing my own stuff with Cubic IDE, because I know how it works and have my own routines to use it... but maybe I'd have time to get into it now when I got RNOPublisher out...


    Thanks again for your tutorials, and I'll use the Hollywood Forums for future questions, but since you mentioned your work here, I thought I would take the opportunity to thank you again here.

    Thanks, good to hear they're appreciated :)
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