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    outlawal2 wrote:
    Wow thanks guys, great links Andreas
    JPV I will be looking at your Crash Course here shortly and may just have to take the plunge and purchase Hollywood soon.


    If/When you purchase Hollywood and begin learning it, if you want to correspond with someone else who is going through the same learning process, I would be happy to have a coding pen pal (in addition to the many coders on the official Hollywood Forums).

    As this thread has stated, and a few members here have pointed out, for me, it's the motivation to dedicate the time needed to learn (without constant distractions), that is the hardest part. I have coded in a proprietary scripting language before, but with each passing year of my retirement, those memories get fuzzier and more difficult to recall. I'm sure my steel trap logical mind will figure it all out again, once I am spending several hours regularly working on creating something with Hollywood. ;-)
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