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    outlawal2 wrote:
    OK I will jump in here as well.. Does anyone have a list of books for Hollywood?

    I don't think there are any 3rd party books, but the Hollywood manual is very comprehensive and it's available in many formats from hypertext documents to PDF if you want to read/print it as a book. It contains all you need to know and is perfectly fine for learning the language.


    Also, I am a bit fuzzy on Hollywood and LUA. What is LUA? I have a flight simulator program Eagle Dynamics Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) and I believe it uses LUA scripting pretty heavily.

    Lua is a modern and lightweight scripting language, which is easily embeddable into other programs too and that's why it is used in many modern games and applications.


    Sorry if these are silly questions but I have literally ZERO knowledge regarding either of these disciplines and like AmigaDave I am interested as well.

    BTW. besides the Hollywood relation, Lua is also used as an ARexx replacement/successor in MorphOS, so that also makes it useful to learn it. MorphOS comes with an integrated native Lua implementation/intepreter, which can also communicate with other MorphOS/AmigaOS programs via their ARexx ports.

    I have written couple basic tutorials/introductions about these topics in the MorphOS Library:
    Getting Started with Lua
    Crash Course to Hollywood Programming
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