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    outlawal2 schrieb:
    OK I will jump in here as well.. Does anyone have a list of books for Hollywood? My Google-Fu is falling short and I am not finding anything useful.

    Also, I am a bit fuzzy on Hollywood and LUA. What is LUA? I have a flight simulator program Eagle Dynamics Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) and I believe it uses LUA scripting pretty heavily.

    Is LUA scripting and Hollywood related?

    Sorry if these are silly questions but I have literally ZERO knowledge regarding either of these disciplines and like AmigaDave I am interested as well.

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    There are no particular books for Hollywood programming except the manual of Hollywood. plus a few web resources, one here on morphzone library (written by jPV).
    Hollywood is a Lua 5.0.2 derivate. I bought myself a copy "programming in Lua" (3rd edition) by Roberto Ierusalimschy (this book is kind of the Lua equivalent to "the C++ programming language" by Bjarne Stroustrup) which is useful for advanced knowledge in Hollywood/Lua. But it's not needed.
    Actually for a Hollywood starter no book except the manual + demo programs is needed. The manual is pretty good the examples sometimes a bit tight, but a very powerful and useful resource.
    The only things needed are time and motivation.

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