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    How many people do you know who took foreign language classes in high school but who were never really able to properly speak a second language and quickly forgot most of what they had learned? This is rather common.

    You really have to immerse yourself in a new language for it to stick. A few hours per week is just not enough. You also need to keep applying and practicing what you learned.

    I'd agree.
    I'm learning new languages every year.
    Last year Common Lisp and Elixir.
    While I did stick with Common Lisp I'm trying Ocaml as a representative of static types this year.

    What I usually do is take a Kata, like the Game of Life (https://kata-log.rocks/game-of-life-kata) or Mars Rover and practice it repeatedly.

    The main point here is practice, practice, practice.


    There is really no reason why you should not be able to start learning how to program right away. If you are the type of learner who prefers to watch and listen to someone explain things, you can buy or rent inexpensive but informative video tutorials that explain how to develop in mainstream languages.

    Also agree.
    There might even be free YouTube videos. Probably plenty.
    I did some myself on Test-Driven Development with multiple languages showing the Game of Life and Mars Rover.

    Some mentioned Java here. Java is a simple and yet mainstream language. Good for learning.
    Hollywood is based on Lua and can also do object-oriented paradigm. So if you plan on doing Hollywood anyway it might be a good idea to just start practicing with it.


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