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    The other part of the reason, is that I find it hard to force myself to stick to a schedule for learning how to program, and get easily distracted.

    Indeed, distraction is a bitch (dunno how much time I spent in forum instead of doing something productive). For that reason a course with a fix timetable is pretty useful. And my post above was maybe a bit too much stressing the anti mood. A course probably does no harm, but I think it's probably not the most efficient way (given you target Hollywood/MorphOS).
    Plus university courses often have quite a pace. I did a second full study recently and I really have my problems to keep the pace of the 20-25 year younger students (or the pace I had 20-25 years ago during my first study) who have a fresh brain and no kids at home...It was quite a ride, but it's doable. I only need to pass one last exam to finish this study (so much for distraction, back to my stack of books now).

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