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    I suggest not to visit such courses. Either they are rather scientific or practical but usually too narrow minded (bound to industry standards).

    But your goal is Hollywood and MorphOS. Not java nor C++ with .net and not even Rust. Hence, learn from and with hollywood/MorphOS coders.

    Hollywood is really straight forward, the handbook and examples really do most of the job. Go into the examples, define some goals that you want to reach. IMHO the most complicated stuff in Hollywood is building advanced table based functions.
    But you don't need that for a starter. You can just write ugly spaghetti code - not nice (and of course not really recommended) but it works and you learn quite a lot (for example that structuring the code is eventually the better approach...).

    The thing is you really need to do some exercises that probably do not lead to very useful programs, but it's needed. IIRC my first "real" Hollywood program (i.e. I set up a goal and wrote code from scratch to reach that goal) was some BMI calculator. Input of weight and size, output calculated value and drawn into a BMi graph. How impressive! But it was at least a first own program.

    The route may be as follows: Do some "Hello worlds" (text, graphic, sound based) -> some input driven stuff -> timers, loops, event control -> graphic execises -> table stuff. Then work on the plugins, most importantly MUI Royale or RapaGUI, then some others, dependig on demand. Ask questions about Hollywood at the Hollywood forums or maybe via mail or maybe zoom/skype/#?.
    Keep the steps and your expectations small.

    And we have quite a few very advanced Hollywood coders among us here who offered a helping hand (I offer a helping hand, too). And of course Andreas, who does a really oustanding support job. He's nice, gets quickly what the actual issue is and usually comes with a quick and very constructive answer.

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