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    Kronos wrote:
    There are 3 things you need to learn:

    - "logic" as in transforming a problem into steps so small that the computer can understand them
    Here the used language is of little concern and college-courses could be very helpful
    But it's also the area where a lack of talent and starting so late can hurt you the most (think about it as learning an instrument or a complex sport)

    Thankfully, logically figuring out step-by-step solutions to problems is something that I do best, which is part of why I am interested in learning how to program for MorphOS. I think I will be good at it, as soon as I discipline myself to committing the time required to get the learning phase done. Programming is not something that can be done, or learned, in 15 minute increments (or so I would imagine), and finding hours of time without distractions and interruptions is difficult these days. Having a relatively new relationship, and too many home improvement projects, are the two things keeping me from devoting the time I would like to devote to programming, but I am determined to set aside at least a few hours each week, to work on learning and practicing.


    - the syntax of the used language, for MorphOS anything that isn't C (++/Objective) or LUA (Hollywood) is mostly useless
    Lots and lots of repetition is the key here

    - the APIs you will be using, unless you plan to write command line tools no college will help you here, and doing it on your own you will run into misleading or just missing documentation and everything being a decade or two out of time.
    IMO the biggest source of frustration

    I'll be using Hollywood for most things at first, but I know that I will need to learn C/C++ eventually, if I want to create anything that requires speed of execution. As for missing documentation, I'll just have to depend on other MorphOS programmers for help, when I run into a problem that I can't find an answer for online, or in the docs.
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