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    I'm looking at signing up for adult continuing education college classes in computer programming, to help me sustain a regular schedule of learning, and to "kickstart" my efforts to become more knowledgeable and efficient in my programming efforts. I don't want to work toward any degree, just take several classes that will help me learn more quickly. So my questions are in regard to which classes to skip, or ignore, and which might be most useful for someone who only wants to learn how to program, so that I can write programs for MorphOS, and maybe AmigaOS3/4, after I have become proficient coding for MorphOS. I'm sure I'll need to start with some general computer programming class, as a prerequisite, before I will be allowed to sign up for any other programming classes. After that, I want to concentrate only on classes that I will get an immediate benefit from, and not waste time taking any classes that would be useless for me.

    I imagine that many members here have taken university courses for computer programming, and some of you may have computer programming degrees, so your advice would be most useful. Ignore that I may have written similar threads to this one in the past, asking which programming languages would be the best to start out learning. I'm probably going to be using Hollywood mostly in the beginning, but also plan to learn C/C++, since that seems to be the most widely used languages for MorphOS software (and maybe for drivers too). I doubt that I will ever be good enough to join the MorphOS Dev. Team, but I would be very happy, if some day in the future, I could offer help to the official dev. team, or be considered for membership in the MorphOS beta testers group.

    Any advice would be appreciated, though most of you are in the EU, and may not be familiar with how adult continuing education works in the USA.
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