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    I have added this to the post just to give you an insight that I hope many others will agree with and may be able to add more to it than myself - and it is a pro / con for another set of platforms not mentioned above, that is "home computers".

    That is... any of the following and more: such as Amigas, Atari STs, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, MSX. Take your pick.

    If you want to learn about software or just tinker, you can do that on any of the platforms you have above - but the assumption is that you need to have some knowledge of those platforms which not everyone has. People these days are using computers like they use their cars - basically drive them and not know how they work. You can also use emulation to emulate the home computers.

    The pros of home computers:

    - I think the biggest which applies to all to a large degree - is their simplicity in comparison to current platforms, the ability to learn how your hardware and software works in almost every aspect. It is ideal for children to actually 'learn' something about computers rather than just 'drive' a computer.

    - There is a certain experience that one gets from using a real home computer than that of a modern computer or emulation.

    - A couple of new home computers are being released - although they aren't really mass produced as such - Spectrum Next, C65 and Commander X16 - I've ordered 2 of them so far.

    The cons:

    - If a person doesn't have any amount of 'geek' in them, they won't really care how a computer works and all they want to do is 'drive' them.

    - Some of the home computers are getting really expensive.

    As someone who learned from the 80s until now within. From my point of view, the Amiga is effectively the last mass produced home computer, and very sadly that is. I still use a range of home computers almost daily, the main ones being Amstrad 6128 Plus, Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 Plus.
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