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    OlafSch wrote:
    The broadest support has windows. You also find most informations for windows if you have a problem (f.e. something not working). That is for me much more important than the weaknesses windows certainly has. Think f.e. if your harddrive with important data not working anymore. On Windows you have still chances to save data, on morphos?

    Eh, fatal issues I've got during the years on Windows machines haven't been easily solved, and usually the suggestions you find on the web haven't been working. For example, my missing login prompt issue I mentioned earlier, has apparently been a relatively common problem with Windows 10, but still nobody seems to know what triggers it and how to fix it. There were dozen of suggestions which might have been working in some cases, but they didn't work for me and for many others either. Many times the only advice you get, and have to do finally, is to re-install the whole damn thing.

    The pro with MorphOS is that you can ask help directly from the core developers who know every bit in the OS. They can even provide quick fixes/test binaries privately as we've seen many times. Filesystem issues have also been solved usually, and it's quite easy to make images of whole partitions/drives when trying to fix them. The existing tools can also usually fix the problems. I still haven't had to fix harddisks on MorphOS, but have had some easier or harder recovery projects on Amiga, and I've got them all fixed finally. There is quite much knowledge available when asked.
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