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    OlafSch wrote:
    @OS3 (and Aros 68k)

    I wonder why noone mentions the huge software base as pro

    It is by far the biggest of all amiganoid systems

    Because it's outdated in every aspect (remember, the question was about daily usage).

    On MorphOS you may have smaller native program software base, but it's more up to date for today's requirements and more focused what's needed today. For example, web browsing, media players, image processing programs, all kinds of viewers (image, PDF, comics, etc), emulators, UTF-8 support with all kinds of programs, development tools (IDEs, compilers, etc), remote access and filesharing (RDesktop, SSH2/SSH2FS, 64bit supporting file sharing, SFTP, Synergy, etc), modern IMAP email, updated desktop and Intuition that renders many legacy programs obsolete, etc, etc.

    It's just that the whole experience by OS and available applications is at a whole new level and closer to today's standards for daily usage. I just couldn't even consider stepping down to OS3 from this anymore, even if there would be enough raw power to run things faster. The whole ecosystem is that outdated now.

    And the still usable software from OS3 runs fine on MorphOS too (like the best image and word processing programs from 68k), so I don't see this worth being a pro for OS3.
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