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    Certainly you can use MorphOS for daily use to some degree and for sure there are much more users using MorphOS daily than Aros users. There were almost nobody using Aros as a main system as far as I know.

    But finally software today defines what you can do on a system and there (and additional driver support) is Windows unbeatable. Even Linux cannot compete there. MacOS only in certain specific fields. The broadest support has windows. You also find most informations for windows if you have a problem (f.e. something not working). That is for me much more important than the weaknesses windows certainly has. Think f.e. if your harddrive with important data not working anymore. On Windows you have still chances to save data, on morphos?

    If you do not need up-to-date software and only use it for private purposes you can certainly live with morphos too.
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