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    @ OlafSch

    You often neglect that MorphOS is actually able to be a daily driver. Look, I can do most of the stuff I like to do on MorphOS. There are limitations on each system. And while on MorphOS limitations are primarily on some internet things or office stuff, I am better on managing my files.
    Keeping control is way easier with MorphOS than with Windows or OS X. The price is a slower cpu and less applications. For me it's worth that. I, as some other users, actually use MorphOS productively as main system. I haven't heard of many AROS users who do the same. On OS4 there are quite a few, too.

    But today probably noone is using one system 100%. I also use Android, Windows and - rarely - OS X. Depends on use case and environment - while not at home I mainly use Android these days, even I actually dislike it and most of the apps very much, but a 7" tablet or smartphone is way easier to carry in my bike hanle bar bag than a laptop...

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