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    OlafSch wrote:
    Regarding Aros I do not share your "cons" because they are simply untrue

    - Despite the pros, its userbase is still small and inactive even in the Amiga scale

    That is true but changes hopefully now (with being official OS of Vampire)

    Well... they weren't all untrue after all? :)

    We will see how it goes with Vampire users. Vampire owners I know aren't particularly active or using it that much, they just like to get new hardware for the sake of it. I also have released many programs, which I thought would attract Vampire owners who want to do more serious computing than just gaming etc, but so far haven't got any feedback from them... so I'm not sure if there are people using Vampires for daily computing, which was the original question here.


    - There isn't a polished distribution to attract users

    I have a distribution for a long time, last versions are imitating 3.1 (with lots of additions). I do not share your view. And you have RTG, network, SDCard-Support and USB out of the box.

    By being a polished distribution I didn't only mean by bundled software and features, but also how it looks visually and how well default configurations have been made. So far I haven't been that impressed with the AROS distributions I've seen. MorphOS, OS4, Windows, Mac, etc do look much more professional and more finished in every aspect. Themes, iconsets, overall consistency with GUIs and program configurations. Even some OS3 distributions like AmiKit do look better in this regard.


    - Isn't binary compatible with 68k Amiga software and doesn't have compatible enough components for re-compiling all the stuff in practise either

    That is not true at all. I use this feature for a long time

    AFAIK you'll have to use UAE based solution or run AROS on 68k system to run 68k binaries? UAE solution limits programs sandboxed and don't you lose communication with the rest of the system via ARexx etc then? This solution doesn't also work if you want to add 68k commands, libraries, drivers, datatypes, etc to your AROS system. I just wouldn't call it as proper 68k compatibility still.

    And about re-compiling... try to re-compile, for example, MUI programs for AROS.. you'll have to do loots of modifications and work-arounds.

    AROS 68k might be better in this regard, and as you noticed, my experiences are with x86/hosted versions, so I'll edit my original post to contain that information.


    - Zune is far from being MUI compatible (many features aren't implemented or crash directly if a programmer tries to use them, many features have glitches)

    Zune certainly is by far not perfect but you can easily use MUI

    AFAIK that's only possible with 68k MUI on AROS 68k and there isn't actual ports of MUI for AROS?

    So, you can't say it's a generic option on AROS, and even then you're forced to use MUI 3.8 or newer unofficial MUI branch which has the same issues as on OS4 too, so a "con" still.


    - It's still lacking some basic stuff and is the most unstable Amiga compatible OSdespite being available for the longest time

    I do not know what features you mean here. I also do not share your view of unstability here. It is true that not everything is implemented fully 3.1 compatible. That is the strange thing about AROS, offering lots of sophisticated features and at the same time lacking some basics. But compatibility is pretty high despite that.

    At least the hosted version I've been using has been constantly crashing with certain programs which came with the distribution, even with some built-in commands don't act as they should or crash. Maybe some other versions are better in this regard, but that's my impression.


    But if he talks about "Aros" in general he must be precise about what he exactly means ;)

    Ok, sorry for that and I'll edit my post.


    Regarding MorphOS, it is not a "hidden gem" because for sure everybody knows about it already.

    That's not my impression. Only we who have been following the scene actively know it, but I constantly see people who have no idea about it. There are old Amiga users who pop up at Amiga IRC channels, who might have heard about OS4 or even AROS, but haven't heard about MorphOS. Not to talk about complete outsiders who want to take a look at Amiga world.. MorphOS is usually the last thing they'll find out. Heck, even people at some gamer/emulation oriented popular Amiga web forums seem to have difficulties to understand what MorphOS is. For example EAB seems to be full of igonrant people in this regard...


    The problem is that it is propably "too modern" (or different from 3.1) for some and that others want "amiga" stickers on it. For the 68k community it is not interesting at all. That will (in my view) not change in future.

    The question in this thread was "What are the Pros and Cons of using the following OSes for daily computing needs". I don't think being "too modern" is a "con" when talking about daily computing.
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