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    > if he talks about "Aros" in general he must be precise
    > about what he exactly means ;)

    Indeed, there're some fundamental differences between AROS/m68k and AROS/everythingelse, especially in terms of compatibility.

    > MorphOS [...] is not a "hidden gem" because for sure
    > everybody knows about it already.

    Every once in a while I come across people who ask on the WWW about which recent OS to try on their old PPC Mac just to have some fun with it. My impression is that most of them were not aware of MorphOS before being told about it. Of course this doesn't necessarily mean that they will like it.

    > For the 68k community it is not interesting at all.
    > That will (in my view) not change in future.

    Yes, I also doubt that there will ever be MorphOS for m68k :-)
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