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    Regarding Aros I do not share your "cons" because they are simply untrue

    - Despite the pros, its userbase is still small and inactive even in the Amiga scale

    That is true but changes hopefully now (with being official OS of Vampire)

    - There isn't a polished distribution to attract users

    I have a distribution for a long time, last versions are imitating 3.1 (with lots of additions). I do not share your view. And you have RTG, network, SDCard-Support and USB out of the box.

    - Isn't binary compatible with 68k Amiga software and doesn't have compatible enough components for re-compiling all the stuff in practise either

    That is not true at all. I use this feature for a long time

    - Zune is far from being MUI compatible (many features aren't implemented or crash directly if a programmer tries to use them, many features have glitches)

    Zune certainly is by far not perfect but you can easily use MUI

    - It's still lacking some basic stuff and is the most unstable Amiga compatible OSdespite being available for the longest time

    I do not know what features you mean here. I also do not share your view of unstability here. It is true that not everything is implemented fully 3.1 compatible. That is the strange thing about AROS, offering lots of sophisticated features and at the same time lacking some basics. But compatibility is pretty high despite that.

    - Doesn't have proper desktop program built-in, Wanderer is way too basic

    Yes but there is Magellan (both for 68k and X86)

    - Development seems to be quite "random"

    Yes behind "core" AROS development there was never anybody feeling responsible for the "package". That is different now on 68k

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