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    Some quick opinios without thinking too much... just what happens to pop in my mind now :)

    + Continues the Amiga legacy
    + Is really an improvement and steps forward in many areas (MUI improvements, Ambient, screenbar modules, IControl/configuration options, many new internal/bundled things, etc etc that eliminates the need for 3rd party patches and hacks pretty well)
    + The most stable and polished Amiga compatible OS
    + Great amount of bundled software in the OS distribution
    + Good support with constant updates, developers are available and close to the community

    - Userbase could be bigger, it's kind of "hidden gem" in the Amiga world
    - Lacks certain software and developers
    - Affordable hardware is getting old, although it's still ok in most ways

    + Continues the Amiga legacy
    + Keeps the original "Workbench" feeling well with the consistent and polished visuals, while still improving the OS and software
    + Some more enthusiastic users supporting commercial developments than on other NG Amiga platforms

    - Userbase could be bigger
    - Lacks certain software and developers
    - Could make some bigger steps forward from the original AmigaOS design, keeps too much the original "Workbench" feeling and features while not adding enough new functionality
    - A bit mess with its components (Amiga vs. Linux style solutions, breaking the legacy here and there) and GUI toolkits (ReAction vs. MUI... vs. Cygnix/Qt/etc)
    - Unofficial MUI branch isn't quite up to MorphOS MUI by stability and features
    - Expensive hardware that is hard to get due small batches and quite non-existent used computer market
    - No official updates in ages and nobody knows any real development plans, fragmenting the development because 3rd party software developers have started to replace the official OS components

    + It's the Amiga OS and many will just want it for the nostalgia
    + Good for gaming and demoscene
    + Biggest userbase of Amiga compatibles

    - Is no good for other than gaming/demos, has totally dropped from utility software usage (internet, media, etc)
    - OS is really showing its age and isn't fun for real use after MorphOS or OS4, you can't even hack it on the same level anymore and isn't capable for anything more modern anymore
    - Real hardware is too slow for major improvements and emulation setups still lack with OS features, GUI toolkits, stability, etc
    - Not enough competent developers or rights for trying any bigger moves, just for some minor polishing at the current level

    AROS (x86/hosted experience)
    + Available on many and common architectures
    + Free and open source

    - Despite the pros, its userbase is still small and inactive even in the Amiga scale
    - There isn't a polished distribution to attract users
    - Isn't binary compatible with 68k Amiga software and doesn't have compatible enough components for re-compiling all the stuff in practise either
    - Zune is far from being MUI compatible (many features aren't implemented or crash directly if a programmer tries to use them, many features have glitches)
    - It's still lacking some basic stuff and is the most unstable Amiga compatible OSdespite being available for the longest time
    - Doesn't have proper desktop program built-in, Wanderer is way too basic
    - Development seems to be quite "random"

    Linux (whatever flavor)
    - Pretty good software base
    - Stable
    - Big userbase
    - Available for any device
    - Free

    - I love Amiga/MorphOS way of doing many things, even though Linux can be customized with hard work, but you never get everything I want
    - Default installations and desktops are so clumsy.. why there aren't proper filemanagement programs, for example?
    - Many GUI toolkits etc make it so inconsistent in use
    - It's easy to fail to upgrade distros to new main versions if I haven't keep them always up to date or do that in time...
    - Many things need manual work in hard way to get something to work

    - Huge software and user base
    - Pretty easy and OK usability

    - Still missing lots of stuff from Amiga/MorphOS usability to make it more fluent
    - Has still some weird quirks even this day... for example windows that get stuck from moving if there's some other window from the same program open etc...
    - User can't tinker the system and manage all issues there might come... I've lately have lots of headache by Windows login issues on several setups with Win10. It has suddenly stopped accepting passwords, or just stopped giving the password prompt at all, so my setup went totally useless, because I couldn't even try to login into it anymore. So, I just can't trust it fully...
    - The usual Microsoft stuff you all know...

    - Pretty solid and consistent system
    - Pretty good software selection

    - Not much room for personal taste, configuring usability options is very limited. No way to get my Amiga/MorphOS preferred ways of doing things.
    - Expensive hardware even as used

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