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    I sincerely hope that this thread does not generate any bad feelings, or ugly comments, as that is surely not my intent. So, please at least try to stay objective and factual with your comments. Here is/are the question(s);

    What are the Pros and Cons of using the following OSes for daily computing needs:

    Linux (whatever flavor)

    Comment on any combination of the above OSes, but please at least include MorphOS and one other OS for comparison. I will be using the answers posted here to help me provide answers to AmiWest Show attendees, who ask me why I prefer MorphOS, or how other users are using MorphOS as a daily use system. I will appreciate well thought out answers to this thread, as they will be very helpful to me in preparing for the upcoming show in about 2-1/2 months.

    Optionally, if you wish to also include how, or what changes you would suggest to improve MorphOS, I would be interested in reading those suggestions. Thanks in advance for your answers.
    MorphOS - The best Next Gen Amiga choice.
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