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    Thank you for the opinion and performance report. I have only one MorphOS machine and I don’t know how it works on other configurations.
    I can’t fully guarantee stable max speed if demo works under system and with multitasking (especially on window) because in background works many tasks with various priorities. It is not easy but I implemented some simple mechanism which lets to keep better stability of performance (especially on fullscreen). I won’t describe details because it is not interesting and my English is not the best tool for describing. :)

    We could create a script which starts demos in specified order. If you edit saved preference files (standard JSON text format) in ENVARC, you will find option “launcher: true”. If you change value from “true” to “false”, the launcher won’t be started before the demo. Remember to set and save in launcher all settings (fullscreen, resolution, report,…) to proper states because demo will use these values.

    The script could contain:
    encore_morphoza/morphoza >NIL:
    encore_morphilia/morphilia >NIL:
    encore_morphobia/morphobia >NIL:

    Unfortunately there is one problem. End scroller is looped so started demo won’t end and next demo won’t start. :) I had to add an option (hidden, like option “launcher”) which closes demo when end scroll is finished. But this requires modifications in code and release new versions. I could implement this feature.

    When would you need these features?
    Unfortunately next 2-3 weeks I will be busy. :(

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