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    Morphobia had best music and extremely cool effects like the snowflake (where your nick was mentioned) and the mirror part. The stereoscopic effect of the "scream" was a cleverly executed :)

    It's an totally impressive one's man job (apart from the music).

    I get 75 fps on fullscreen on a 9800 AGP 2x and G4@1.6ghz PMac with 1280x1024 24bit screenmode. All of your demos run smoothly in my system.

    I have two requests though:

    1) Can you add a loop option so each of your demos can be played continuously and automatically?
    2) Can you add a playlist mode, so we can select all of your (recent) demos and play them continuously?

    Both options would be great for amiga parties when showcasing MorphOS.

    Well, at least for me would be extremely useful at least :) Otherwise, I have to revisit my table every couple of minutes to change the demo, which is a deal breaker after an hour or so :P

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