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    amigadave wrote:

    SoundSquare wrote:
    i guess most of the MorphOS team has been locked down like everyone else lately so how comes MorphOS 4 isn't out yet ? :-D

    Not friendly, not funny, and completely off topic (or almost completely). I could ask why other development teams haven't released this or that based on the same reasoning, but I don't want to further derail the thread. How about starting your own thread to tell us what productive things you are doing while "locked down", or tell us how people in Paris are coping with the COVID-19 virus problem in their city?

    I guess "World Peace" is a bit too much to ask as a result from this crisis, but can't we at least walk in that direction?

    Was it truly necessary to lecture me on a joke that you simply didn't like ?
    Chill out man !
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