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    In Spain the government has acted in general in a quite irresponsible way allowing big marches/concentration of people ignoring the recommendations of the EU, reacting late, not performing any test/quarantine to people coming from "infected" areas... and sending the ridiculous message that wearing facemask is useless and that the most important thing is washing your hands.

    1. Avoid going out of home, even for buying food. If you go out to buy food get food for 1-2 weeks.

    2. If you have access to face masks or can buy one, try to use it, because if you get infected you may not show sympthoms in 14 days. And after the illness starts you may still be contagious for 15 days even if you don't feel weak. So wearing a facemask is a good service for the community, because droplets stay inside the mask.

    3. Washing your hands is important, also dissinfecting the goods you order

    If you look at the direct relationship of many presidents/EU leaders with (famous and non famous) speculators the slowness reacting and allowing mass concentrations is suspicious... It's clear that some people profits from the begining with currency and "shorts" shares. and will have profits buying companies that went broke or have decreased value at great discounts. Banksters will have great profits: in Spain the government has announced that if a company can't pay the money lended by a bank the government will pay the debt to the banks (so banks win twice because they get the money back and also win because the government has to pay interests for that new debt. It could be as ridiculous as paying to bank X the debt of the broken company and asking money to the same bank in order to pay it, at the interest the bank wants)
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