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    I'm quite sure it would be much cheaper long term to 'isolate' and pamper the elderly and endangered parts of the population in 4star hotels&full service instead of shutting the whole economy down enterely and wait another 8+ months until almost everybody got it eventually and we can go on with our lives.

    evaluate risks in one area, e.g. company, including relatives. Social distancing stays in place.
    send home or educate everybody with relations to risk group members, let everybody else come in to work.
    Some areas are less populated, maybe even over aged, so to speek. Pay more attention to those areas.
    What i mean is: it might be much more efficient to put most effort into protecting and nursing the right target group instead of hostilising 80% of the population because the government is unable to make a logical decision while showing a straight face. Throwing out money to everybody who claims suffering from the circumstances (hm, Boeing) is stupid.

    It is all about "flatting the curve", but nobody is looking for a solution to "rise the bar" above the curve.
    Call in everybody with medical education to join.
    Even plastic surgery doctors. mandatory.
    Make companies build those breathing machines and masks and suits.
    Don't have a patent? Grab it. It is an emergency.
    Rise the salary for nurses and the like, drop taxes. don't clap or sing on balcony. pay double, by government.
    don't support virtue signaling 'influencers' or rich people, prof athletes and so on.
    Drop them. they are toxic.
    Support local small business' instead.

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