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    This is a huge desaster!

    My profession is biology and cybernetics. Means: I know a bit about virises and I can calculate and simulate scenarios pretty well.
    And I was shocked by the slow actions of many governments. Now most European countries have learned and take actions. But still many ppl don't take it seriously enough.

    The only thing we can do until a vaccination will be available (my estimate: about christmas):
    Avoid contact to others!

    We see in Italy and in Wuhan what happens if SARS CoV-2 gets more wide spread. The only thing to avoid this is slowi down the spreading of SARS CoV-2 as much as possible!
    Only tools to achive this yet: testing, isolation, quarantine.

    And wear face masks in public - not so much to protect yourself, but rather to protect others from a not kown infection of yourself!
    A simple face mask is better than nothing. If they are out of stock sewing them is easy. A simple face mask is better than no face mask at all.

    Avoid contact to ppl outside your household!
    You help yourself and you help society by this.

    My heart is bleeding when I look to my beloved country Italy.
    Spain hit hard, too and in the UK the next desaster is very foreseeable...
    In Germany we also have quite many cases, but luckily the health system can still handle it (but also here the highest priority is keeping daily new cases as low as possible to avoid a crash of the health system!).

    And I don't even want to think about situation once the virus has arrived all the refugee camps in Greece, Turkey, Lebanon etc.

    And all this will take months (6-12) until it gets to something like normal again. And by then many will have died, and even more will get traumatized (threat of death, experience with death, loneliness due to isolation...).

    Nothing else than a huge desaster!

    Stay at home, avoid contact to ppl outside of your household!

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