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    @IKE Have you 32 or 64Mb graphic video ?

    Because i buy MacMini (64Mb) to test, i can tell 64Mb video is low....
    If is the case, test with lower Ambient resolution and disable "Enhanced display" option.

    For Example prBoom-plus crash quickly in opengl with MacMini and not with my other machine with 128/256Mb....
    MilkyTracker switch window to fullscreen has same problem, so i think all port are affected.


    1. I prepare new release SDL 2.0.14 (unless hardware accelerated in first time).
    I am waiting next release of MorphOS and if nothing is fix, i release Hardware accelerated in state because 90% of my port working with it, so i think so everyone can enjoy with it.

    2. I discover a problem with installer in SDL2, neeed SDK to working correclty, i fix that on next version.

    3. I could port FluidLite with BSzili (FluidSynth version lite), i implement it on ScummVM..
    The result is very impressive in terms of MIDI sound!
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