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    First beta version of library SDL2.library (2.0.11) and SDL2_image.library (2.0.5)

    I upload somes games ports :-)


    Game recompiled with last SDL2 :
    - Hode 0.2.8 rebuild : https://www.morphos-storage.net/?page=Games%2FAdventure&file=Hode_0.2.8.lha
    - ZGloom 0.2 rebuild last git : https://www.morphos-storage.net/?page=Games%2FShoot+3D&file=ZGloom_0.2.0.lha

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    Thanks for your hardwork to get SDL2 done. Also thank you for your awsome game ports.
    I just tested full version of HODE, and looks and plays awesome, but before I finish first level (when first animation starts, where you see whole world below), game exit with message.. fileio.cpp:90: failed assertion `crc == 0' , Program aborted, Using joystick 'Port 0 is a Game Controller'.

    I have all files in DATA dir. (hod.paf, all .lvl,.mst,.sss files).

    Now I added setup.dat in DATA and pressed esc during animation and new level starts.... :)
    (wierd is that I first added only hod.paf from CD and start to play game just fine, and after game crashed I added all lvl,mst and sss files from RIP version but that didn't solve crash, but now with added setup.dat I can continue to play)
    Anyway, good is that I can continue to play because HODE is really good game. :)

    ...and thanks for your fast answer. (you answered just before I post this)

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