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    Somes news :

    - SDL2, now update with last 2.0.10 version
    - support joystick with lowlevel (same as SDL1) and in futur fix version with sensors
    - fix jump window to fullscreen
    - fix keymap

    There are somes issues with window resizing, mouse Lock in window (wrap) for example.

    - https://github.com/BSzili/SDL/blob/mos-sdl2

    Ports of my first SDL2 games on MorphOS are better !
    Hode 0.2.8 working in fullscreen :-)
    ZGlooom 0.2, toggle fullscreen, play with mouse
    I think i recompiled all games in futur.

    I port ScummVM to SDL2 for example...it's working at 99%

    And i full update SDL2_image library in last version : https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL-mos-sdl2_image

    SDL2_mixer : https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL-mos-sdl2_mixer


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