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    takemehomegrandma schrieb:
    [...] I'm also hoping of an effort of supporting a family of *modern* GFX cards. Building support for older cards will IMHO be pointless, better warp directly to the latest and leave the gap in between unfilled.

    Well, latest RX card series does not even work properly in Linux (yet). There are tons of bug reports regarding issues. Why would anyone expect MorphOS drivers of this series to be any better? I guess it's even harder to get this done in MorphOS with no properly working 'reference' drivers on other open source OSes. Also don't know about the documentation wether all the neceserry parts of the new series are opened up already.

    I guess the next best GPU driver will be the one which can be done with least/reasonable effort. GCN v4 card (the series before RX) drivers seem to have stabled a bit on other OSes. So thats probably a better target than latest series.

    I would prefer getting 3D support for already existing R600 card drivers, but that's only me.
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