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    waldiamiga wrote:
    2.DooM III :D

    PPC Linux port exit https://github.com/id-Software/DOOM-3/blob/master/neo/curl/docs/INSTALL
    Huno once claimed he is doing OS4 port

    With some motivation, I am sure he could do a MOS one. Like Doom 3 remake style of horror, even more then fast paced "doom" (Doom 4?)

    MorphOS for x86, updated Odyssey if possible, finalized support for G5 Macs, Final Writter!


    KennyR wrote:
    I'm just going to save my money. With my country leaving Europe and an idiot as prime minister, it's only a matter of time before I'm expected to work in a factory making Halloween toys.

    Ah that East European feelings :)

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