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    Zylesea wrote:
    Here we go, what's your expectations for 2020:

    My list is rather short:

    - Another update to MorphOS 3.x
    - Some progress on MorphOS x64
    - Finalwriter release
    - Hollywood 9

    My own stuff:
    - last year was pretty tight on time, maybe 2020 will come with a bit more time to do this and that (more a hope than an expectation), I still have quite a few started but not yet progressed things on my hdd.
    - Probably get myself an iMac 2.1GHz (checking ebay..).

    Is the iMac 2.1GHz G5 a good alternative to using a G5 PowerMac tower? I haven't paid much attention to the progress of running MorphOS3.12 on any of the G5 iMac systems, but I should, since I have one available to me (my sister currently has my Dad's G5 iMac, but I don't know what model it is. She is only removing any pictures and other data from it before disposing of it, as my Dad passed away last Winter).

    My hopes and expectations were all screwed up in the formatting

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