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    > there is a new video from Ravi Abbot

    This video is less about MorphOS than I anticipated going by its title. It also has a number of inaccuracies* and some outlandish moments**.

    * Amiga sold mobile phones and pants (4:50), Gateway bankruptcy was cause for Amiga sale (6:00), no new OS during Gateway era (6:05), Pegasos has MIDI ports and introduced support for DVD drives to the Amiga world (8:00), QNX ran on Peg1 (8:10), Sam460 was first machine running both MorphOS and OS4 (12:33), MorphOS demo has 20-minutes restriction (13:35), HTML5 is in the process of becoming a Web standard (20:50), Octamed and Protracker run on MorphOS (24:36)

    ** mentions "good people" like Fleecy Moss (5:50), a whole minute wasted on idiotic Merlancia drivel (6:20-7:20), shows old Apdf instead of new VPDF (24:12)

    What does he say at 7:25? The Pegasos was created 13 years after Commodore did what (which should be around 1989)?
    And as for playing Youtube videos in Odyssey (23:05) in overlay mode, shouldn't window size be irrelevant for CPU load?
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