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    Hi sorry for the newb question here, but I just got a new (haha if you can call it new!!) G4 Powerbook. So I've installed MorphOS and bought a licence.

    Loving it so far but having some teething problems.

    I installed WHDload and already have E-UAE from adding Chrysalis Pack.

    When I try and run a WHDload game I get a "You need chipmem up to $80000 (512 Kbyte) to run this program" error.

    I have 1 GB ram in the Powerbook so I didn't think I'd need any more RAM?

    Thanks for any help at all on how to fix this...

    Also does anyone know if there is a bug when the laptop is left idle for some time. I've found it a few times and it has turned itself off. My battery needs replacing as is faulty but I've had the mains power plugged in each time. When using it everything seems fine, so it is almost like it tries to into sleep mode or something but then totally locks up or powers down...

    Thanks again for the help and I'm happy to join the MorphOS community :)
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