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    Dronecatcher wrote:

    Is this a clean install of MorphOS, or have you added third party software and utilities to it?

    This is a clean install, it was previously running OSX Leopard. I've tried earlier versions on other machines and only very rarely had lockups - I guess this might be a hardware issue, though as I said, OSX behaved fine on it. If it persists, I'll try reinstalling, otherwise wait for another Powerbook.

    What version of PowerBook did you say you have? And what amount of RAM in installed into it? All versions of the Aluminum PowerBook are supported (I think), but some might be supported better than others. I'm hoping that your problems are just caused by some corrupted file during installation, but can't really guess what the cause is. Having more details about your system, and specifics about when and how your system crashes, might help other here to give you suggestions on what might be causing the problems. If the problems also show up on other similar hardware as yours, then a formal bug report should be filed with the Dev. Team.
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