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    jacadcaps wrote:
    That certainly does not sound normal. Care to share more details?

    I'm a new user, so still getting familiar. The crashs and lockups are too numerous to list right now - once I get everything installed I want to work with I'll make a note and either submit reports and/or post here. From memory I experienced hard crashes deleting screengrab pngs, in OWB the Youtube fullscreen option sometimes stops working until I relaunch the browser, bookmarking a youtube page doesn't work (bookmarks the main page instead.)

    No, I have not had any lockups or hard crashes with my PowerBook, and it always ran very stable in the past with other versions of MorphOS. Is this a clean install of MorphOS, or have you added third party software and utilities to it? The Chrysalis Pack, although being wonderful in the amount of content it installs, and how it tries to set many things up for the new users, has had a few problems in the past, which can negatively impact how MorphOS behaves. Also, is your installation brand new, or did you update an earlier version of MorphOS to get up to version 3.12, and if you did update an earlier version, did you experience any of these lockups, or other problems before the update?

    Edit: I'm not trying to say that there are never any bugs in new releases of MorphOS, but when a user reports that there are too many crashes and lockups to count, or list, that does not sound typical of most other users. Being a new user, you probably try to do things differently than more experienced MorphOS users, and no doubt OWB still has many limitations compared to other web browsers, but it is the best we have, so most MorphOS users accept the limitations, and try to find ways around them to make their web browsing experience as painless as possible.

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