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    I'm having trouble installing 3.12 from a USB stick on my 1.67GHz PowerBook. I have followed the instructions on the main MorphOS website for preparing the USB stick, then placed it into my Windows computer and copied the SD Card/USB Image to the empty USB stick, after renaming it morphos.iso, but when I place the USB stick in my PB and try to open the morphos.iso file by double clicking it (as instructions say), I get an error message saying "No hexview yet for Usb:morphos.iso"

    I'm sure this is something simple I am over looking, or have forgotten, but if I'm following the instructions on the official site and running into this problem, perhaps there are others having the same problem?

    Edit: I think I have figured it out, and I am now downloading the ISO image, not the USB image, even though I will be installing from a USB stick. Maybe someone can explain to me what the SD card/USB Image downloads are for, if installing from a USB stick uses the ISO images? Is it just that the instructions for installing from a USB stick need to be updated?

    Edit2: Okay, now I have the MorphOS.iso downloaded and copied to the USB stick correctly (I think), but when I open it and copy the "boot.img" from the mac_ppc32 directory, I can't paste it to the USB stick's main partition. In fact, I can't paste the file to any hard drive, or partition on my MorphOS system. I just get an error message that says "Error while copying '@1:mac_ppc32/boot.img'". Any ideas why this file won't copy to my USB stick? I can copy and paste the readme file to the USB stick main partition.

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