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    zukow's been showing/demoing it at AmiParty (Chełm/Poland) several times already. I was looking for some photos, but all I found was MorphOS 3.12 on an A1200/BlizzardPPC. I guess only Andreas Wolf would find the right one.

    Oh my! Post that! An updated MorphOS for Amiga Classic would be too cool.



    That ought to be released, as should the iMac G5 port, and a port for the late 2005 G5.

    I'd try to build a classic system with PCI.
    What we'd really need is Sonnet PPC support.

    I missed a chance to buy an 800 MHz board last year.

    A CBM or Escom Amiga that could run OS3.1-3.9, OS4.1, and MorphOS would be rather cool.
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