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    Kronos wrote:

    MorphOS on P5-HW has been shown on several occasions, but I doubt the reasons why it isn't public have changed or will ever change.

    The Sonnet+Mediator+WarpOS hack only works cos the real OS (AmigaOS3.x) is still running on the 68k side of things.

    Without it you'd have no way to access KBD, floppy onboard-IDE/SCSI or Zorro cards.

    As for the iMac (to get somewhat BTT) 1st I had it at Geits (and running MorphOS) was 6 years ago so thats for sure not the newsworthy part of that picture !!

    The only reason I have ever seen posted was that we already have a lot of supported hardware.
    But the late 2005 G5 would be a great model to have with its PCIe expansion slots.
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