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    After my early days on pc with Netscape and some Internet explorer sessions in order to properly login in MS zone for online gaming in the nineties, I quickly ditch them both for Opera. That damn smooth scrolling, mouse gestures, multiple tabs, speed dial, customizing every UI aspect and the blazing fast property engine while keeping it much lower to resources compared to early Firefox were killing the competition.

    When their engine though was falling behind technologically and had to adapt either to chrome or to the Firefox, everything came to an end. Opera was the fastest browser in PC for more than a decade as far as I can remember but then everything changed. The look and feel of old Opera can be found in Vivaldi browser in case anyone is interested. Nevertheless, it still uses a chrome engine which let's be honest, it makes it a generic browser with some different touches.

    Apart from owb, these days I am not happy with the browser situation generally speaking. Especially old pc systems struggle on the internet because of that. Of course I am not neglecting the fact that internet technology changed it self and requires much more CPUs power. Still one would have thought that someone could spot this disadvantage and offer a browser for low end systems to actually browse the net reasonably speedy.
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