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    > why would one want that?

    See comment #21 for one possible answer to that question.

    > it would be a dead end.

    Raptor has voiced commitment to POWER10.

    > let`s concentrate on the future with [...] GPU. [...] what i would like to see is not
    > more drivers for every GCN Generation. Instead IMHO the MorphOS Team
    > should concentrate the whole forte in [...] Polaris or Navi GPU drivers

    Why Polaris (GCN4) or Navi (RDNA), but not Vega (GCN5), especially given that there are no AMD APUs with GCN4 (except on gaming consoles), while there are with GCN5? GCN4 support is what would make sense on PPC (X5000 and Sam460), as that's what's supported by OS4.

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