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    Jim wrote:

    Papiosaur wrote:

    I've discussed fund raising with Papi, but we never got that arranged.

    I wait a confirmation from bigfoot before launch a fund raising.

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    I'm not sure why he hasn't responded to you, but I can send him an email.
    Again, none of this would guarantee a port.
    Mark got paid for the G5 port, but it would give him something to explore.

    Just checked to see what the price of the Blackbird mobo is now, and I saw that they are not currently available. I wonder if that is because they have been successful in selling many of the boards, or just because they only had very few manufactured? It's still an expensive computer, when compared to what is available in x64 land, but I'm sure many MorphOS users and team members can't help but wonder what it would be like to run MorphOS on such a powerful CPU. If there were ever any plan to develop real SMP for the PPC version of MorphOS, even if it means breaking backward compatibility with old Amiga software, the Blackbird would be a great high end choice for such version of MorphOS. Even without any guarantee of getting a port of MorphOS, I would participate in a crowd funding attempt to purchase 2 to 5 Blackbird motherboards to be given to Bigfoot and any other MotphOS Dev. Team members who showed an interest in at least working on a proof of concept port to the Blackbird.

    I wouldn't mind running Linux on a Blackbird as my daily computer, while waiting for a possible port of MorphOS, but probably I would wait until the port was finished, or an official announcement was made confirming that a port was coming, before I would spend that much money on any PPC system.
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