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    For me, a Ryzen support for Morphos4 can be a great deal, strong power, good gpu all in one chip.

    Morphos will not be a port but a completly new operating system, i d'ont know if it will be called Morphos4.. it depend of the team.

    Even Morphos X64 seems to exist we don't know his state, the rodmap seems to be allready done. (for start), i wish Mark and the team has choosed a way to bypass hardware drivers issues, if it's possible.
    Rewritting a whole Os each time is not a joke.

    I'm sure the way is the Isa change, i'm happy with Morphos now, but we need to dream a bit, as all amiga Fans we are dreamers.

    Some news from the team (only real facts) can be a good thing.

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