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    >>> we are already falling behind OS4 in graphics support

    >> Didn't that happen like 7 years ago? :-)

    > Nope. I've yet to see benchmarks in actual programs beat my X1950 in my G5.

    Graphics benchmark results for Warp3D Nova, OpenGL ES 2 and GL4ES on GCN1 or GCN4 cards are being posted to sites like amigans.net all the time. You just need to take them on with your G5/X1950 combo (and take care to not inadvertently make this a CPU performance comparison instead). It's because you haven't been looking that you've yet to see them.
    In general, "better graphics support" can mean several things, among them:
    1. drivers for more modern graphics cards: that's what I was referring to
    2. a more modern 3D API using modern GPU features: that's where OS4 got ahead of MorphOS with Warp3D Nova and OpenGL ES 2
    3. better performance: that's what you are referring to (true or not)
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