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    > we are waiting for a GCN1 driver.

    Some X5000 or Sam460 owners are, yes.

    > GCN2 and GCN3 were skipped by OS4 in favor of Polaris (GCN4). While
    > GCN5, Vega, is already available and what may be the last generation,
    > GCN6, Navi will be out this year. Is this a correct summary?

    I think so, yes.

    > Still on the basis of availability, and the pricing of lower end
    > GCN4 cards, maybe the jump makes sense.

    I think the main incentive for the MorphOS team to jump to GCN1 or even GCN4 should be the prospect of gaining a foothold with the owners of boards/systems MorphOS was ported to latest.
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