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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > we are already falling behind OS4 in graphics support

    Didn't that happen like 7 years ago? :-)

    Nope. I've yet to see benchmarks in actual programs beat my X1950 in my G5.

    Its getting really hard to find the XT version of that card (the AGP X1950) these days though, the cards out there are mainly X1950Pro cards.

    And if you want to see firmware prompts or access firmware, you have to move down to an Apple X800XT.

    A Radeon HD4670 or HD3850 AGP card would probably outperform it if there were 3D drivers.

    I also have a X800XT (technically X850XT IIRC) and Mac flashed FireGL. The X800XT and FireGL are relatively close to each other in benchmarks. X1950 blows them out of the water. Unfortunately it seems X1950 AGP are known to be kind of flaky, mine is no exception. It acts up time to time. I only paid $20 at a flea market, but still...

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