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    >>> we are already falling behind OS4 in graphics support

    >> Didn't that happen like 7 years ago? :-)

    > Not on AGP systems, which were all we had back then.

    How is MorphOS "already falling behind OS4 in graphics support" "on AGP systems"? And why should the comparison of the present situation be restricted to AGP systems when OS4 has run on PCIe systems for as long as 8½ years including 2D acceleration?

    > If I'm not mistaken, they still don't have 3D for the R300 cards.

    Correct, and OS4 surely won't get it, and best of all, it doesn't matter one bit because OS4 has been supporting PCIe systems for such a long time.

    > Mark has created basic 2D drivers for all ATI/AMD gpus up to the GGCN series .
    > ALL Terascale gpus except the 69XX series

    Or in other words: MorphOS has basic 2D drivers for all ATI/AMD GPUs up to and including TeraScale 2 :-)

    > I'm sure he's working on updating the latest 2D limited cards to 3D [...].
    > And as I've said before, he has GCN cards.

    Maybe introducing basic 2D drivers for GCN cards first would be better with respect to users of OS4 on Sam460 or X5000 who would like to try out MorphOS.
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