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    rob wrote:
    Steve Jones is fielding questions for face to interviews with Hyperion and MorphOS team members. Email him any questions you have at steve@imica.net

    I already sent him one I've asked Mark (but even Bigfoot is unsure of), will we get a upgrade to MiniGL in either the PPC or X64 version of MorphOS?

    Mark mentioned needing Keiro for anything like that (and Frank and other key developers could also be a factor).

    But we are already falling behind OS4 in graphics support on PPC, MorphOS NG can't just be a straight port, or it would probably be done already (and in fact, a straight forward port MAY have already been completed, who knows?).

    BTW - Any idea who Jones is interviewing? I've watched Steve's AROS videos, and he seems pretty knowledgable and unbiased.

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