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    KennyR wrote:
    Yeah, an OS like MorphOS is so light on SSD (especially as it lacks constant writes, unlike Windows or Linux), there's no reason why they wouldn't last practically forever. But the same was also true of hard drives. I bet MOS puts less wear on a drive in 20 years than Linux or Windows does in a month.

    Yes and no. We have less writes, but since nothing is properly aligned and there is no file system any write will cause multiple write cycles. Especially when the file system is using 512 byte blocks.

    Also you should note that flash drives also write, when only used as read only media. This is because the memory cells need to be refreshed after a few read cycles and the controller performs a read/write cycles on its own.

    However. I use flash drives in most of my MorphOS systems. One of them in daily use and another is running 24/7 as a server. I did not have an issue. Same goes for linux on SSD. I even have an external usb case with an 480GB drive, it works for years and deals with around 20GB writes a week. I always bought the cheapest SanDisk SSDs (Extreme II, Extreme III, SSD PLUS) and they all worked fine even in my G5 because their build in controller supports SATA 1, 2 and 3 unlike most other SSDs.

    Also the wear level controllers are quite smart and deal even large things like standby/wakeup cycles on windows quite well.

    The bigger the drive is you buy, the more robust is the drive when it comes to wear leveling as there are more blocks to wear.

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