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    sergius wrote:
    Hi guys,

    Maybe some of you have seen this last weeks a port of Super Mario Bros for C64 being realesed and then some days after his distribution forbiden from Nintendo.
    Thankfully we can always download it easily to do it a try and admire this axcellent pice of work.

    This is why I decided to try VICE on my PowerBook G4.

    My first experience with VICE was difficult beaucause of a bug. To acces menus, using the double finger gesture on trakpad freezes the GUI and the CPU goes to 100%. Using a real mouse with the right button, the bug desaperes.

    Unfortunatly, the sound is very crappy and the framerate is too slow.
    I tryed it into my G5@2.0Ghz and the max framerate is 18 FPS.

    Do you know if it's possible to optimise the settings?

    Do you use this emulator or another one?

    Thank you for your help.

    I think Vice is somewhat broken on G5 computers. I tried Sam's Journey on it with my G5 and it looked, sounded and played pretty awful.
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